Colombian, and at only 25 years old, she has already amassed vast amount of gastronomical experience, in Colombia, where she opened their own restaurant in the city of Santa Marta together with her partner Rodrigo, as well as in Argentina where she graduated as a cook and pastry chef at the Mariano Moreno gastronomy school.

She perfected her restaurant service skills managing the Cerro Frias restaurant, located in Calafate, the main tourist destination in Patagonia, Argentina, serving groups from all over the world. She also gained broad experience working in the kitchen of Techado Negro, one of the most renowned restaurants in the village of El Chalten.

Even though she had already had some contact with Peruvian cuisine, she decided to settle in Peru, to learn even more about one of the most important cuisines of today.



He decided to leave his hometown of La Plata in Argentina, to obtain more gastronomy experience, always using his knowledge of the Italian and French cuisine as a base. Rodrigo managed the opening of Cesarino, the restaurant of one of the most important hotels in the village of El Chalten, where he also worked in the international cuisine kitchen of the acclaimed restaurant Fuegia Bistro.

During his time in Colombia, assisted by his partner Victoria, he opened Mamacocha Restaurante, and also taught courses in food handling.

At 31 years old he arrived in Peru, in search of increasing his gastronomical knowledge and with a thirst for starting his own projects. Here, for a period of time he had the chance to be part of the kitchen of the Hotel Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.