Cola de Mono Lodge is located 2 Km from Santa Teresa Town, we have an hectare base camp near the river and we provide different services in our establishment.



Cola de Mono boasts rooms that are suspended amongst the trees at a height of 2 meters. The rooms were designed to give you an incredible view of the valley and the Sacsara River, and provide a unique experience of the magical mountain jungle of Santa Teresa. The capacity is 4 guests. (Double bed and […]



ALL CAMPING OPTIONS INCLUDE ACCESS TO FULLY EQUIPPED BATHROOMS AND HOT WATER SHOWERS DELUXE CAMPING: INCLUDES: Kelty Tent Matress Feather Blankets Sheets Pillows Towel Breakfast PRICES: Per person: S/.100 soles Extra Bed: S/. 70 soles CAMPING AREA INCLUDES: Camping Area PRICE: S/. 20.00 soles per person ADITIONAL SERVICES: Hot Tub (capacity 15 people) PRICE: S/. 120.00 […]

Booking Policies

To confirm and make the reservation effective you will have to make a previous deposit of 50%  of the reservation and the other 50% one week before that reservation date. Reservations will be answered via email indicating date of reservation, total amount to be deposited and number of passengers. Reservations are not endorsable.  CANCELLATIONS AND […]